Corriher & Michael, PLLC Team Benefit Package
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All terms and conditions of employment, compensation, advancement and promotion are decided without regard to race, religion, sex, age or national origin.

Professional personnel advance as they demonstrate competence and satisfy requirements for the next level of professional responsibility, according to the firm’s needs for more highly skilled team members.

An individual is evaluated in the following areas on performance and proficiency by his/her supervisor:
  • Understanding and adherence to the firm’s Vision and the role they play in accomplishing that Vision
  • Technical knowledge
  • Analytical and judgmental skills
  • Communicative skills
  • Leadership and training skills
  • Client relations
  • Personal attitude and professional bearing

Each team member’s performance is evaluated continuously, and personnel are advised of their progress at regular intervals with a minimum of one formal performance evaluation every six months.

Evaluations are based on information gathered from standardized rating forms that are completed by personnel deemed appropriate, including a self-evaluation. Annual reviews include evaluation of performance, future objectives of the Firm and the individual, and discussion of overall career opportunities.

  • Group Life Insurance. After you have been employed full-time for six months, you will be covered by a group life insurance policy. The premium is paid by the Firm and the amount of coverage is determined by your annual compensation. (Two times your annual compensation or a maximum of $50,000.) You are responsible for completing necessary forms at the appropriate time.
  • Hospital, Medical, Surgical and Major Medical Insurance. After the first 30 days following initial full-time employment, you are eligible to participate in our Health Savings Account (HSA) group health insurance plan. The Firm pays the entire premium cost for individual coverage. Additional premiums for a spouse and/or dependent minor children are paid by the team member.
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance. The Firm carries workman’s compensation insurance. If you are injured in a job-related accident, notify the management immediately so that a claim may be filed with the insurance carrier.
  • Long-term Disability Insurance. Within the first 30 days following initial full-time employment, you are covered under our long-term disability policy. The coverage is up to two-thirds of basic monthly earnings (less other income benefits), and the Firm pays the entire premium for the team member.
  • Dental Plan. After the first 30 days following initial full-time employment, you are eligible for our group dental insurance plan. The Firm pays the entire premium cost for individual coverage. The costs of additional coverage for a spouse and/or dependent minor children are paid by the team member.
  • Retirement Plan. Our Firm provides eligible team members with two retirement planning options, a traditional 401(k) Qualified Retirement Plan, and a ROTH 401(k) Qualified Retirement Plan.  The Firm may make a matching contribution to the designated plan, based upon each team member's participation level, up to a maximum match of 4% of each participating team member's wages.
  • Flexible Benefit Plan. After thirty days of employment, the Firm offers an IRS Code Section 125 Flexible Benefits Plan. Through this plan a team member can reduce their pre-tax income by designating an amount to be set aside for use in paying dental and vision expenses, and child care. This allows the team member to save tax dollars while accumulating designated monies to use for expected expenses not covered by insurance.

All full-time team members have the possibility of earning 16 Friday afternoons off during the period from Mid-April through Mid-August.  This is the equivalent of 8 additional paid days off! The Friday afternoon off program is not guaranteed, but rather is dependent on achieving certain billable hour goals and on client workload, and is in addition to the regular vacation day formula stated below.

Every team member of the Firm below the level of manager receives two weeks vacation with pay per year, and the manager level (or equivalent) receives three weeks vacation with pay per year. All vacation is earned on a pro-rated basis for each full month completed as a full-time employee at the respective employment level. Vacation time earned must be used by December 31 of each year, and is not carried over from year to year. All team members are asked to refrain from taking vacation time during the firm’s busy seasons.

It is often the desire of an employee to take a majority of anticipated earned vacation for an entire year in the summer of that year. The firm allows an employee to take vacation time anticipated to be earned by the end of the year at any time during that year, subject to schedule approval by management. If an employee ceases to be employed full-time for any reason, and has taken vacation in excess of the amount actually earned as of the date they are no longer a full-time employee, then the firm shall be reimbursed for the excess vacation taken by the team member.

Regular, full-time team members are paid for the following holidays. Holidays occurring on Saturday are generally observed on the preceding Friday; those occurring on Sunday are observed on Monday. Alternative or additional days may be announced by Top Management.

New Year’s Day
April 16th (end of busy season)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Friday after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve Day
Christmas Day
Birthday (floating holiday)

We have a variable workweek that averages approximately forty hours with a one-hour lunch period. Regular office hours Monday through Friday are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Each individual’s schedule will depend on client’s working hours or firm agreements, as appropriate. Flextime arrangements are allowed subject to management approval.

Scheduled hours must be flexible to accommodate the variations in the volume of our work. Therefore, overtime may be necessary during our busy seasons. However, we have historically not worked the number of overtime hours required by many other CPA firms. You can currently expect between 100 to 200 hours of overtime per year.

All full-time team members are allowed one-half day per month (maximum of five days per year) for illness or personal business. The credit is given at the beginning of the month, and time off is offset against the allowance. If you need time off in excess of five days per year, you must use vacation time or take time off without pay.

In addition to the above, other time off (some with pay, some without pay) may be available for a death in the family, extended medical leave, jury duty, military duty, night school, and inclement weather.

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